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In our competitive world, effective communications makes the difference between winning and losing.

Defend market share

Strengthen your relationship with your current customers and help them understand why they should stay with you.

Protect & enhance your reputation

Reputation is everything. Don’t let others tell the story of your business. Tell your story the way you want it told.

Communications is a key business driver

When done thoughtfully, deliberately, and strategically, communications has an outsized impact on a business. Communications can help win new business. It can help organizations defend their current market share. And it protects and strengthens the lifeblood of every business—the organization’s reputation. Doing it right requires nuance, skill, a strategic approach, a strong understanding of the business and geopolitical landscape, and experience. That’s why I founded Fortis Strategic Communications, LLC.

After more than a decade on active duty in the military, I embarked on a corporate career with a Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense company. During my 15+ year tenure, I used communications to help the company grow, transform and ascend to the Fortune 50. In my last role as the head of International Communications for a $16 billion business unit within the company, I shaped the company's communications approach around the globe.

During my time with the company, a few of my accomplishments included:

  • Leading the communications campaign that played a key role in winning a contract worth $40 billion over the lifetime of the program. case study
  • Employing strategic stakeholder engagement to keep a production line open. case study
  • Partnering with my government relations colleagues to reduce a 50% Congressional budget cut to a multi-billion-dollar radar program.
  • Establishing a public presence in five new countries where we were previously almost invisible. case study
  • Creating messaging around our programs and products that was so powerful, prime ministers, ambassadors, and defense ministers included it in their speeches and press engagements.

Along the way, I effectively collaborated with a diverse cross-functional team composed of various disciplines, including Engineering, Business Development, Government Relations, Legal and Program Management. I have also placed more than 2,650 positive stories about key programs and products in key media outlets around the globe. But equally important, I have effectively managed critical issues and crises, proactively addressing and resolving the challenges before they've turned into negative stories that could damage the organization's reputation.

During my career in the U.S. Air Force, I served as a Public Affairs officer, where I provided communications support to numerous humanitarian relief efforts and natural disaster responses. Additionally, I had a career-broadening assignment as an Intelligence officer. In that role, I deployed to Afghanistan where I provided intelligence support to the U.S. and our allies.

I have a B.A. in International Relations from Boston University and an M.A. in Strategic Intelligence from the American Military University, with a focus on counterpropaganda and misinformation.

Mike Nachshen
President & Owner, Fortis Strategic Communications, LLC

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