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Our Approach

The fortunes of a business rise and fall based on its reputation. We specialize in helping you safeguard the valuable reputation you’ve worked hard to build.

Our expertise lies in effective issues management — proactively identifying potential problems or controversies that could impact your organization's reputation. Through strategic planning and tailored strategies, we mitigate the impact of these challenges, minimizing reputational damage and ensuring your brand safely navigates its way through a challenging business environment.

In an era of rampant misinformation and false narratives, protecting your reputation requires vigilance. Our proven track record includes countering Russian and competitor misinformation campaigns aimed at interfering with business opportunities. We implement comprehensive strategies and proactive measures to stop fake news — whether human or AI generated — from derailing your organization's objectives.

When a reputational crisis arises, regardless of the cause, we draw on our decades of experience in responding to natural and human-caused disasters, policy changes, and technological failures. We ask the right questions, and take swift, deliberate, and decisive action to help you maneuver through the crisis and get back to business.

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Case Study

Protecting a Reputation from a Russian Misinformation Campaign

A $4B Strategic Business Unit of a Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense Company

The Challenge
The government of a NATO ally sought to purchase a multi-billion-dollar defensive system. However, the procurement required strong popular support, which was threatened by an aggressive Russian misinformation campaign aimed at scuttling the purchase.

The Opportunity
Drawing on extensive research, we uncovered a significant insight: the Russians had previously employed a similar campaign to derail a different business deal in the same country. We recognized that by studying the Russian campaign, we could develop an effective strategy to counter their misinformation efforts.

The Plan
Our approach focused on empowering a key political constituency through accurate information. Instead of merely reacting to the multitude of Russian lies, we proactively educated this constituency, using their preferred communication medium, about the facts surrounding the defensive system. This enabled them to see through the Russian propaganda and disregard it.

The Outcome
The approach was a resounding success. The government secured overwhelming support for the procurement, leading to a significant new revenue stream for the company. Furthermore, when Russia invaded Ukraine, the defensive system was deployed and operational, helping deter Russian aggression against NATO.

Partners, not Just providers

Our process


Initial Consultation

We’ll start with a free initial consultation. During the consultation, we’ll have a conversation about what you’re trying to achieve. If we can help you, we’ll let you know. And if we can’t, we’ll be transparent about it.

Your information will always remain confidential, as required by the Public Relations Society of America’s code of ethics. Should you have a highly sensitive matter, we are open to entering into a nondisclosure agreement.



If we're a good fit, we’ll create a concise written proposal detailing our collaborative approach to address your organization’s challenges. This proposal will outline rough timelines, recommend specific actions and deliverables, and provide general cost estimates. You and your team will have the opportunity to review the proposal; if necessary, we will revise the proposal’s scope based on your feedback. Once everything meets your expectations, we’ll finalize the contract and formalize our partnership.


Research & Plan

Every project starts with a question: What are your business objectives?

From there, and in close partnership with you and your team, we’ll dive into the issues and challenges. We’ll combine what we’ve learned with additional research and our decades of expertise to develop a tailored solution that solves your business problem.


Implement & Evaluate

After you approve the solution, we’ll put it into action. We’ll evaluate progress based on metrics that make sense for you and your organization. And, as the situation evolves, we’ll adjust our approach.

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